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Sound Healing

An Ancient Science

Everything in our universe is energy vibrating at its own and specific frequency.

Healing sounds and music produce vibrations and frequencies to support and balance the autonomic nervous system, as well as assisting with issues such as anxiety, depression, sleep issues, chronic pain and digestion issues. 

Sound healing is an ancient art and a form of conscious healing. Through the intricate use of a variety of instruments, sound healing treats the whole person and not just their symptoms. 

The integration of ancient wisdom, art, modern science and musicality allows for specific techniques and processes to factilitate and support healing targetted around the 5 elements, physical, mental, emotional, soul and spirit. 
Sound healing is a non-invasive and natural approach to healing and managing discomfort. 

As humans, we have many layers to our beings and it is with the wisdom and reveal that sound healing offers that we can discover a deeper field and root cause of an issue. 


So, what exactly does a sound healing session look like?

Sound healing sessions can be conducted in a couple of different ways. There is the communal option to have a session as a group sound bath, where a facilitated pre-planned sound guide is offered by a variety of instruments and meditation.

This session is valuable for relaxation, de-stressing, helps with general sleep issues and overall balances and harmonises your nervous system. 

One on one sessions are more intricate and focused on just you. Within a safe and sacred space, instruments will be used to assess your whole being as to where you may have excess or depleted energy and target specific areas you intend for healing.  

From here, we will work together on your healing journey by releasing suppressed/repressed energy and specifically harmonising and balancing your system. 

I aim to instill the wisdom that you have the power to heal yourself, and with a controlled space, support and love, we are able to ride this healing journey together and open up the possibilities for you to really get to know your whole self. 

Healing doesn't have to always be heavy, there is room to make this journey enjoyable, light and comforting.

You know your system the best and sometimes it is just the extra support that is needed to breakthrough. 


Sound healing with Alex Mumby


Recent Testimonials

Client Feedback

Out of body (and mind) experience
I have been to many of Alex Mumby’s events and left each one feeling so healed, nurtured, rested and relaxed. The way she greets you and tends to your every need so effortlessly makes you feel totally at home. The beautiful social connection over teas/cacao’s/healthy snacks was really grounding and the way she paired such heart opening movement to lead us into the journey deepened the experience a lot for me. The healing was more educational than I expected and learning about the science behind what my body and soul were experiencing was really eye opening for me. I was floating like a cloud of sensation and totally left my body. I have been to many sound headlines and Alex Mumby’s are consistently the best


I was introduced to Alex's fantastic and personally tailored daily abundance rituals, meditation techniques and personal coping tools to get me through what was a very challenging time in my life. Having an increased amount of anxiety, Alex provided me with daily routines that allowed me to work through challenging situations. 
Alex's understanding and knowledge, backed by her ease and compassion alllowed me to become more open minded and even assisted with dietary options to help reduce stress and anxiety. 
I have learnt so much since having sessions with Alex, she has truly made an impact on my thought process in everyday life.


My time with Alex has been nothing short of a warm, healing and valuable connection. She has been such an amazing guide for me both professionally and personally through anxiety and stress. Alex created a safe space where I was able to track my physical and emotional body in order for me to slow down and clearly process my journey. I highly recommend seeing her to help you on your journey.


I originally came to see Alex during a very chaotic time in my life with both work and personal struggles. Alex provided me with a new outlook on how to balance not only my physical world but the mental coping tools through meditation, gratitude and a new dietary and exercise routine. 
Alex demonstrated the importance of slowing down and giving me the space to notice my feelings and emotions and to be able to process them in my own time. 
After doing the work with Alex, I feel more connected, aligned and in control of who I am.



"The most divine art is that of healing: it must occupy itself with the soul as much as the body"

~ Pythagoras 5th Century BCE

“ Here We Are , Here And Now , That’s Al

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